Habitat Management

A ‘habitat’ can be defined as an ecological or environmental area in which an organism or biological community normally occurs or that it is physically surrounded by. Few natural wildlife habitats remain in Ireland and the vast majority of sites of conservation value are semi-natural, as both their development and present state have been influenced by mans activities.


EirEco has a long-term commitment to restore and rehabilitate habitats in order to provide both for biodiversity and the sustainable use and functioning of the ecosystem for humans into the future.


In the area of Habitat Management EirEco focuses in particular on:

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Habitat Restoration and Rehabilitation

Habitat loss is the leading cause of both species extinctions* and ecosystem service decline.** There are two ways to reverse the occurrence of habitat loss: conservation of currently viable habitat and restoration of degraded habitats. The latter includes the renewing of degraded, damaged or destroyed ecosystems.

*("The current state of biological diversity." In Biodiversity, Wilson, E.O. Washington D.C. 1988)
**(”Societal dependence on natural ecosystems”. Daily, G.C. (Ed). Washington D.C. 1997)

While some critics may view this type of restoration as not natural, we at EirEco believe that the aim of restoration is not to fully and at once recreate replacement ecosystems, but rather to “jump-start” natural recuperative development.
As a result we have been working extensively with both public and private developments in this area and can present extensive experience in particular in the areas of:

  • Condition Assessment
  • Management Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • Habitat Creation and Design for road schemes
  • River Rehabilitation and Enhancement
  • Pond Creation and Management

Examples of relevant experience

Project: Roche Ireland Pond Rehabilitation (2009)
Client:  Roche Ireland Ltd.
Preparation of a management plan for a series of artificial ponds at Roche Ireland to optimise their ecological value.

Project: Coronation Plantation Management Plan (2008)
Client: National Parks and Wildlife Service
Preparation of a management plan for the Coronation Plantation in the Wicklow Mountains National Park to ensure the ongoing regeneration of woodland and the maintenance of its ecological value. In conjunction with Purser Tarleton Russell Ltd and Faith Wilson Ecological Consultant.

Project: Pinkeen River Diversion (2007)
Client: Astellas
Design and development of a c. 400m stretch of diverted stream to ensure maintenance of fisheries habitat (including spawning) and associated riparian corridor.

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Management Plan Preparation

All sites managed for nature conservation should have a management plan. The purpose of a management plan is ensuring the continuity and stability of management of a site. Without an effective plan, sites are vulnerable to inconsistent management which can result in a waste of resources and in the loss of the special interest of a site.

At EirEco we understand the preparation of management plans for large-scale national landscapes as a big responsibility towards the awarding authority as much as towards the inhabiting species of that area as well as the Irish public. In order to assure the efficient Group on Burrenand correct implementation of such plans we strongly believe in the development of clear, understandable management plans which promote the integration of planning, development and environmental concerns.

Our expertise in the area of Management Plan Preparation ranges from National Parks to Designated Conservation Areas and Private Lands.

Examples of relevant experience…

Project: Burren National Park Management Plan (2010)
Client: National Parks and Wildlife Service
Preparation of Management Plan including public hearings for Burren National Park Area of Burren in County Clare in Consultation with Broadview Ecological Consultants and Dr James Moran.

Project: Coronation Plantation (2009)
Client: National Parks and Wildlife Service
Management Plan Preparation for Coronation Plantation in Co Wicklow in cooperation with Purser Tarleton Russell Ltd and Faith Wilson

Native Woodland Scheme

Native woodland once covered most of the island of Ireland, yet today surviving fragments of this once vast forest comprises less than 1% of the country’s land area. Without active management and protection, these valuable ecosystems will fast become a fading legacy. The Native Woodland Scheme was launched in 2001 by the Forest Service in conjunction with Woodlands of Ireland to provide an incentive and structured approach to managing and expanding the native woodland resource.

NephinsEirEco is certified under the Irish Forestry Service Native Woodland Scheme and carries out ecological surveys and management plan preparation for grant applications.



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Tree surveys

A tree survey is an appraisal of trees on a site undertaken by an expert arborist, which identifies species, dimensions, location, structural condition, physical health and recommendations for tree management and retention. Well cared for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to landscapes, while on the other hand poorly managed trees can become a significant liability.

EirEco employs professional and experienced specialists who are fully trained to all aspects of their work to approved industry standards and are up-to-date on best practice. On this basis we ensure that your trees remain safe, healthy and viable.

EirEco offers an extensive range of services in the area of tree surveys including:

  • Full identification of species
  • Assessment and diagnosis of tree health and condition
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Recommendations for required corrective action
  • Pre-planning prior to site development
  • Identification of management requirements in accordance with BS5837:2005

Project: Grangegorman Tree Survey (2007)
Client: Arup Consulting Engineers
Tree survey of St Brendan's Hospital, Grangegorman, Dublin totaling 470 trees.

Project: Magee Barracks Co. Kildare (2007)
Client: Arup Consulting Engineers
Tree survey of Magee Barracks, Co. Kildare, totaling 320 trees.

Project: Dublin City Tree Survey (2008)
Client: Dublin City Council
Development of tree survey methodology and computerised recording system for Dublin City Council in conjunction with Compass Informatics.

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